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Plumbing Tools and Pipes

Plumbing Services in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

From repairing underground water lines to installing hot water tanks, rely on the team at Lakewood Mechanical, Inc. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for expert plumbing services.

With 150 years of combined experience, there is nothing we haven't seen. Our registered master plumbers handle anything, including your emergency plumbing needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Plumbing Sales & Service

Our company provides complete plumbing sales and service for your residence, as well as for your commercial or industrial business. This includes:

• Installation & Repairs of Underground Water & Gas Service Lines
• Sewer Line Repairs and Replacement
• Dye Testing of Sewer Lines & Rain Conductor Lines
• Opening Sewer & Drain Lines
• Sewer Jetting & Camera Service
• Installation of Backflow Preventor & Certified Testing
• Backhoe Services
• Hot Water Tank/Boiler Installation

Sink Pipes, Plumbing Services in Pittsburgh, PA

Request a service from the experts in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, or receive superior service.