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AC Units

Heating and Air Conditioning Service & Installation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Improve the energy efficiency of your home or business with HVAC service and installation provided by Lakewood Mechanical, Inc. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Whether you need installation of a new heating system or are looking for regular maintenance on your air conditioning system with our affordable contracts, the team at Lakewood Mechanical has the experience you need. With both commercial and residential HVAC services, we cover:

• Installation of New Furnaces & Air Conditioning Systems
• Replacement of Existing Equipment
• Air Conditioning Additions to Existing Systems
• Pre-Season Heating & Cooling Checks
• Rooftop Units Installed & Serviced
• Design & Installation of Complete Duct System
• In-House Duct Fabrication
• Energy Management Systems
• Computer-Calculated Heat Loss & Gain
• Hot Water Boiler & Steam Boiler Installation, Service, & Repair
• Commercial & Industrial Kitchen Hoods & Exhaust Systems
• Scheduled Filter Service
• Refrigeration Recovery Services
• 24-Hour Emergency Service

HVAC System, HVAC Installation in Pittsburgh, PA

Request a service or installation from our HVAC department in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and save money with a more efficient system.